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Hand tools industry development in our country and the gap analysis

Hand tools manufacturer in China producing the product category most often mostly Fastening Tools products, such as basic hand drill, impact wrench sets and modular, etc., but these products have a high growth potential.
Currently, the production of hand tools, steel and other raw material prices mainly by impact. Hand tools are mostly low-profit products, and market competition, unified price increase is not possible, the individual price increase is equivalent to the old customers hand over, no one dares to take the risk of losing market. Under normal circumstances, the products are sold to other industries, require hand tools industry prices 10% lower than the previous year, showing that, once the rising steel prices will directly affect the survival of hand tools manufacturers. Meanwhile, hand tools, product competitiveness addition to their own reasons, there is a great factor is determined by the quality of raw materials, namely steel quality, now part of the use of hand tools, there are steel surface quality and internal cracking problem, which can not be ignored steel smelting technologies.
At present, the Chinese manufacturer of hand tools, the main market is overseas markets. Especially Fujian, Jiangsu, Shandong and Zhejiang hand tools manufacturers are improving their production capacity to fully meet the expected increase in export sales, through the production of mid-range and high-end products to expand overseas market coverage and better margins. Hand tools manufacturer of confidence, more than 50% of people predicted the overseas market growth will exceed 10%.
The last of China's major production base for hand tools, in recent years, with the rapid growth of the domestic economy, China has become the most promising consumer market of hand tools. The industry believes that the mainland's domestic market as well as in the European single market or the North American market, the consumption of hand tools, the number of at least 400 million people. Numerous hand tools manufacturing enterprises to enter the Chinese market.
Chinese consumers a source of information on hand tools, mainly in shops, exhibitions, fairs, sales promotion, is particularly worth mentioning is that when consumers buy the initial lack of awareness for the brand, a large part is after the purchase and use hand tools to understand the brand and quality is good or bad. It can be said, hand tools, hand tools, brand building is the Chinese enterprises the best time.
Looking at the international tools Enterprises Chinese enterprises obvious gap tool
In terms of scale, the larger foreign companies, such as: USA Schneider Squibb Company, is one of the top S & P500. Its products include hand tools and power tools, automotive diagnostic and repair equipment, diagnostic technology and related products, widely used in automotive, aerospace and other commercial areas. Most of China's small-scale enterprise tools, products rich enough, the typical "more than strong."
From a strategic planning perspective, the company's world-class products, often giving a very clear impression. Our tool enterprises exist excessive competition, many domestic manufacturers and brands main businesses are not prominent, core competitiveness poor.