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Welding and cutting equipment, the overall domestic market is getting better

Recently, the fourteenth session of the Essen Welding & Cutting Fair in Shanghai concluded.
"From the point of view of the exhibition, domestic enterprises by the financial crisis is not large, and foreign exhibitors and personnel has decreased. Domestic enterprises, new products, new technology has become the highlight of this exhibition highlights." An exhibition industry on China Industry News reporter said.
In addition, this year the number of visitors increased sharply, China First Automobile Group Corporation, Shanghai General Motors Co., Ltd., Beijing Benz - Daimler Chrysler Automotive Co., Ltd., Nanjing Iveco Automobile Co., Ltd., Changan Automobile (Group) Co., Ltd., China CSR Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Co., Ltd., Shanghai Zhenhua Port Machinery Group Co., Ltd., Harbin Boiler Factory Co., Ltd., Harbin Turbine Works Co., Ltd. and other enterprises have emerged in the exhibition audience list.
"This situation indicates that entering in May, the domestic market situation welding and cutting equipment, the overall situation is improving." China Mechanical Engineering Society Institute of Welding Work Committee, deputy director of the production and application of Lixian Zheng expressed.
Crisis prompted enterprises to adjust
"A few years ago is the welding industry golden period of development, many companies are busy expanding production scale, which causes extensive management, low-tech products in the current financial crisis situation, many companies began to look at long-term vision and planning enterprises, encourage enterprises to carry out strategic planning and re-adjust. "Chengdu Welding Institute Yin Xianhua representation.
As can be seen from the exhibition, to skilled welding equipment companies increasing number of them through the adjustment of product structure, and actively develop new products, the formation of the core technology dominate the market place. Such as research and development into the robot Kunshan huaheng; Tangshan Kaiyuan Automatic Welding Equipment Co., Ltd. belongs Robot Systems Ltd. Tangshan Kaiyuan focus on expanding the field of automation; Nantong Zhenkang, Chengdu Kumagai, the Beijing Times and other enterprises Austrian Alexander too focused on the generic product development; Beijing CLP Huaqiang welding research Vectra, Welding Research Institute, Guangzhou Song Xing, Wuxi Weihua and other equipment in the exclusive development and increase investment; Hangzhou Kaierda generic products not only in strength, but also to develop CNC cutting machine business.
Yin Xianhua said that domestic enterprises forward production efficiency, energy saving, mechatronics and the direction of complete sets of welding equipment, automated welding technology and equipment at an unprecedented pace. Aerospace industry and other large infrastructure projects in developing countries and the rise of the domestic auto industry, have effectively promoted the welding process especially in welding automation technology development and progress, so that the welding robots and intelligent welding applications more widely.
Currently, sets, special welding equipment demand is increasing, a broader range of applications, efficient equipment and more new technology maturity and popularity. Domestic complete sets of welding equipment manufacturing enterprises not only in technology and design level of efforts, also in quality management, a variety of basic parts, fittings selection aspects.