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Grinding industry market sales analysis

Into 2009, the abrasive industry from January trough under the provision of stimulating domestic demand as the country began to be improved. Since March after the abrasive market (in particular resin chips), industries and enterprises through feedback: Some corporate sales in recent months compared with previous years, the market has been basically flat, and some even exceeded some sales. Market demand for ceramic abrasive conditions under domestic industrial base located in between the secondary and tertiary markets, the market is relatively stable before and March. Major domestic market positioning and the other grinding through Taiwan and some foreign enterprise feedback, for the domestic market is still relatively confident that the next step will focus on marketing the domestic focus.
     By understanding most of its factories have been established:
1, Brand: own brand enterprises attach importance to brand building markets or from brand culture to corporate culture have done more perfect.
2, Quality: quality, cost is relatively high, in line with national high-end market demand;
3, Technical: technical development and support, develop and discover more market demand;
4, Service: the enterprise's own emphasis on late with a single service, if there are problems promptly resolved through consultation;
5, Information: Internet and other media enterprises from the actual market research, to control the market trends, product positioning applications.
     Through the existing understanding of the market, we recommend grinding industry enterprises to promptly improve specific techniques of distinctive specialty products business, this will have a better market space.
     Corundum years after the price is relatively stable, the number of the GDP decline in the first quarter fell nearly 60% of total exports; domestic market oriented.